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Airport Machinery

Airport machinery consists of various highly specialised vehicles and machinery that may not be easily available through other local part and spare suppliers. Among the various parts and spares that we cater for, may include vehicles and machines such as catering vehicles, baggage conveyers, pallet loaders, air start units, jet refuelers and tow tractors- to mention a few.


Our wide range of spare and replacement parts, as well as tools and consumables are offered to both corporate agencies, as well as governmental agencies. As many of the parts may be highly specialised, it is advisable to contact our sales consultants to ensure the specific merchandise you are looking for can be ordered in a timely fashion, so as to minimise any potential delays.
However, we do try to keep more common parts and consumables on hand for our clients, so whether you need is time sensitive or not let us ensure your turnaround time is minimised.

Choose a Brand You Can Trust
With so many options for auto parts, as well as several options for airport machinery, plant and machinery, and commercial vehicles’ parts, you may wonder what exactly sets Rose Auto Supplies apart from the competition.

  • We are a trusted name within the community for quality service that you can rely on
  • Our parts and products are of the highest quality
  • We provide our goods and services at competitive prices
  • Our staff have years of experience, which enables them to provide the best possible service
  • We provide you with an extremely wide range of parts, tools and consumables

These are only a few of the reasons why our customers prefer to come back to us and through this commitment to excellent service and affordable prices, we are constantly expanding to offer you even more goods.

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